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Episode Choose Your Story


Pocket Gems, the developer who brings us stress relieving games for all ages has definitely kicked in with the market with their versions of Episodes Choose Your Story stories. They have multiple episodes to choose from and you can either be a character at North Shore High or Demi Lovato herself. Released in February of 2014, these games have made popularity standing with other interactive games. The graphics are good specially when playing with a tablet or an iPad. The resolution and pixels are well thought after and much appreciated when played on big screen devices.

The initial installment was from the Western movie Mean Girls with Regina George and her friends, of course who would miss Cady Heron and Janis Ian and Damian. The whole gang of the North Shore movie was there and the game revolved around you being the new girl and that you need to make choices that will either make you talked about or be talked on. The interactive features include, just as the subtitle of the game, choices you make each and every scene. There are some scenes that make drastic changes in the plot of the story when you choose a specific or certain answer.

The characters are well made on computer graphics and are well versed just as the lines of the movie. Although the character of Aaron Samuels, Cady Heron’s boyfriend comes in on appearance later the game, Episodes Mean Girls have yet to be played with passes. The choices are costly in terms of diamonds as the choices you make entitle you to spend the diamonds and each chapter costs you one pass. Initially in the game you start off with five passes and then when you have used them up you can or will have to wait for two hours to get your passes refilled or until further notification from the game.

Its addicting in a sense you can’t wait to see what pans out chapter after chapter, however, you will bummed knowing the games can get better if you buy or purchase passes or get them using episode choose your story hack. Using a debit or credit card or phone credits. The passes are okay to come in after a couple of hours; however the diamonds to make choices of wardrobe, dresses and even school clothes come in pricey. The diamonds are priced depending on the amount of diamonds you need to play the game. The downside is if you are addicted to this game, there are no cheat codes for it. And even if you did have a choice to use cheat codes, it will only lead you to sites that are just going to annoy you more than ever.

Aside from the downside of spending to buy diamonds for the choices you make, the game is a four star I say. Since it needs a few modifications with the purchases I’d think it will do alright for an interactive game. Episodes Choose Your Story actually lets you do that. However it doesn’t warn you of the diamonds you need to spend when you do make choices and expensive one at that. In retrospect, it’s the same with real life choices, isn’t it? Our choices cost us more than what we expect or bargained for. Choices can be expensive and not just about the monetary value of the choices we make but with the outcome of those that we do.

With the different episodes in the games, you can choose to play the same character in all games or change your character from episode to episode. You can use fictitious names and aliases without being guilty about the choices you make in each game. The good thing as well as playing this game is that you can repeat the previous chapter before moving on to the next shall you make a wrong choice or decision. One of the things you actually can’t do in real life, eh? Playing the previous chapter may cost you another pass but as long as you have passes to play with and a healthy battery life, you can do the game all over again, varying your choices from one decision to another.

The developers of the game definitely made a mark with the Episodes Mean Girls and even has a sequel to the Senior Year episodes. The college episodes where you as the character heads of to college. Episodes Sorority Rush doesn’t rid you of the presence of Regina George and her minions.