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How to become a woodworking specialist?

woodworking table saw specialistNowadays if a person wants to be a successful he or she must be a specialist of some kind of the niche. Only those who specialize in one or few areas can reach high career goals. In this article, I want to talk about woodworking niche and how to become a real specialist in this area.

First, let me tell my story. I was born in Connecticut, where I was raised as a normal kid. Since then I was into construction and DIY things. I did like to create different things from the resources I found around me – sticks, planks, wires and other random things. After spending my summers with my grandfather he taught me secrets of wood carving. I was very excited because I felt that wood carving is my thing and it becomes my hobby. When I reached adulthood I started to try woodworking by myself. I bought myself a portable table saw (I think it was DeWalt or Bosch, don’t remember now). And I was learning a lot how does the table saw works, what are the technical possibilities and features, how the saw cuts wood. I learned a lot. Really. A lot. After few years with a portable power tool, finally, I bought a cabinet table saw, which was my biggest investment in my whole life.

Cabinet table saws are the biggest available saws in the market. They are big, heavy and deadly effective. It is very easy to cut wood, make sharp cuts and do it very quick and precise. One thing I would like to say that, these type of saws are not for beginners, you have to have an experience before using this kind of saw, it is not a toy and all safety rules must be well known before turning a cabinet table saw ON.

Cabinet type of saws is for professionals who know how to use it and cut wood correctly. I don’t understand why beginners think about buying a professional saw. First, they should learn with portable or contractor table saws, which are much lighter, not so powerful.

So after I learned to cut wood with this power tool, I started to learn how to make more difficult cuts. I was trying to do them every single day, I spent a lot of time by trying to make perfect cuts, after more than a year, I can confidentaly say, that I’m guru in a practical and theoretical way.

Every week I do DYI projects. I do it for fun. It’s like my kind of meditation. During woodworking session I relax, I feel calm and balanced. After the project is done, I give it for free for other people, for the one that project is valuable. I am very happy to know, that my created things are valuable for others and other people are using it. Most likely, I’m not going to stop this tradition and keep creating more and more DIY projects from wood.

If you really want to become a carpenter, who know everything about wood and tools, you should spend every day for minimum few hours reading about woodworking and using your knowledge in practice. It’s very easy to start and keep learning. It’s a field where you don’t need to invest a lot to start.

There are a lot of blogs and websites about woodworking and powertools, which are great for beginners, you should read. I learned a lot reading information on the internet, as well as, watching Youtube videos, which was very informational and valuable.

I wish more and more people would be interested in carpenter specialty. If you want to master it, you have to be creative and consistent, learn every day, read a lot, watch tutorials.

You can start learning by doing simple DIY projects. I was doing the same. Started from really simple projects and now I make long term projects for advanced woodworkers.

I hope now you will understand how to become a woodworking specialist. The most important thing is that you must be passion driven if you want to become a real specialist. I know many people who are earning a lot by doing wood works.