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Make Your Videos Viral By Using Thumbnails


YouTube is a popular video sharing website. It was founded in 2002 and subsequently obtained by Google. Its popularity skyrocketed, and its most viewed videos have view counts in the billions. The platform is now used by professionals and amateurs alike, to share everything from personal thoughts to live sports events. Anyone around the world can easily create a Google account and upload any video to be shared with the world. It has billions of videos that viewers can choose, and open collaboration and commenting is encouraged. YouTube now has apps available for every major operating system and mobile device, so wherever there’s an internet connection, there is a way to watch content on it. This makes it perfect for advertisers and viewers alike.


Each video listing comprises of a title, description, and thumbnail. The owner of the video specifies an appropriate title and description. After the video has finished processing, YouTube asks the uploader to specify a thumbnail to use for the video. A thumbnail is an image that is used to represent a video. It’s usually a square and a screenshot of one particular moment in the video. However, some higher level YouTube channels have been using custom, titled thumbnails that are not actually part of the video, but that promote the video more heavily.


General Use

For most general purposes, though, a thumbnail is a tiny image with a screenshot of one part of the video. The owner should select a thumbnail based on what will market the video best and what is most relevant to viewers of the video. For example, YouTube usually offers the uploader five choices for thumbnails by default. The first is usually the first frame of the video, and if this is a black screen, this is not a suitable thumbnail choice. The thumbnail should not be blurry or non-obvious. If the uploader is in doubt, he or she should request another reel of thumbnails from YouTube before marking the video as ready to be shown to the general public. This will help make the video’s search listing more clear, and it will enable a YouTube thumbnail download (as we describe below) to be more useful.

Benefits of Thumbnails

Thumbnails may be of use to a client for a variety of reasons. They could be used to create an app that lists YouTube videos and stores the thumbnails to be displayed there. YouTube videos are often taken down due to many reasons, and so thumbnails can be stored to easily keep a running log of what is deleted from YouTube. The list of reasons goes on, but the most important thing to note is that there is a website that lets people download thumbnails of any YouTube video. The thumbnail is by default a “.gif” image. This is just a format of image, and there are many utilities that let people convert it to another format, such as a “.jpg” or “.png”. YouTube even stores thumbnails in different qualities. This means that there are some thumbnails that are intended for larger screens, and so they are higher resolution. In other words, a larger amount of storage is needed, but the image is also clearer. This doesn’t matter for smaller screens, where users would not be able to tell if an image is of good or bad quality.

Download Thumbnails

This website allows the user to specify the quality of thumbnail to download. This bypasses YouTube’s device check, which only supplies the thumbnail that is optimized as a balance between bandwidth and storage space for the device being used. Of course, the user can do any post-processing, such as image conversion or quality adjustment, to make it more useful for further analysis. After the user downloads thumbnails from YouTube videos, they can be used for anything. No matter what happens to the video on YouTube (i.e. the owner deletes the video, a takedown notice removes the video, or the owner changes the video thumbnail later), the user will always get to keep the thumbnail as it was at the time of downloading. However, once the thumbnail has been changed on YouTube, there’s no way to go back and get the old one. If a YouTube thumbnail download will improve your digital life, try out this website today!